Superoutburst of V701 Tau

(from CVC 124, vsnet-alert 676)

V701 Tau [UGSU, 15.0p - <21p]

Tonny Vanmunster, CBA Belgium reports an outburst detection by CCD of this little studied object. Available observations :

1997 Jan 03.044 UT, [14.7  (G. Poyner, 0.40-m refl.);
     Jan 11.941 UT,  15.7  (T. Vanmunster, 0.25-m SCT + unfilt. CCD);

V701 Tau was last seen in outburst on December 25, 1995 by T. Van- munster, Belgium (first ever visual observation) at mag. 14.5 [CVC 75]. This outburst lasted for more than 2 weeks [CVC 78]. Shortly after the outburst detection, an extensive CCD photometry campaign was conducted by Taichi Kato and his team at Ouda Observatory, Japan. They found superhumps [CVC 76] with a period of 0.0689 day, thus classifying the object as an UGSU-type dwarf nova.

During that outburst, it further was discovered that the variable is slightly mis-identified in Downes and Shara, and the correct position should read : R.A. = 03h44m01s.91, Decl. = +21d57'07".2 (J2000.0) [CVC 76].

It would be interesting to determine if the present outburst is a normal one or a superoutburst. We have started a time-series CCD photometry session, but will not be able to continue this for more than approx. 90 minutes, given the low altitude of the object. We'd appreciate assistance from other longitudes.

Tonny Vanmunster

Detection of superhumps

(vsnet-alert 683)

Hi all,

Our 3hr CCD photometry on 1997 January 12 at Ouda Station revealed fully developped superhumps with an amplitude of about 0.2 mag in V701 Tau, proving the current outburst to be a superoutburst next to the one observed in 1995 December/1996 January (see, T. Kato, vsnet-alert 303). This suggests that the recurrence time of the superoutburst (supercycle) in V701 Tau is about 370 days (or 1/N).

Thank you, T. Vanmunster for the quick notice of this outburst (CVC 124)!

Best regards,
Daisaku Nogami and Ouda Team

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