V3941 Sgr

(vsnet-chat 142)

Hi readers,

V384 Sco is categorized as an old (1893) 'nova :' and also listed as a suspected TOAD. It's one of a number of obscure targets on my observing program amongst others like ?? Pup, ?? Sgr, NN Sgr , V3941 Sgr, V893 Sco (?!) .... The (2000) coordinates of V384 Sco are 18 01 43, -35 39. This location is situated well within the boundaries of Sagittarius! What for an arrangement is that?


Berto Monard

(from vsnet-chat 143)

Regarding other variables mentioned, NN Sgr seems to coincide with IRAS 18433-2827 (IR color suggests a normal red star) and V3941 Sgr (UG: 11.5-<14p) coincides with a red star on my previous CCD images. They seem least likely to be dwarf novae. I'm interested on what basis NN Sgr has been paid attention to.

Taichi Kato

(from vsnet-chat 144)

Thanks for the response and indication of agreement, V384 Sco is a misnamer and the object should have a Sgr name! As to the others, V3941 Sgr & Co could turn out to be in the same boat as AF Sco, also once believed to be a CV and later be revealed as a Mira variable. V3941 Sgr's position is uncertain and it could therefore differ from the red star, you detected around that position. Well, it might pop up one day?! I'll let you know in time.

(from vsnet-chat 146)

I should add some members (too heavy for a boat?) AC Sco, UY Vul, UZ Vul, HN Cyg and many others.

As to V3941 Sgr, the referred chart in Downes & Shara catalog (JAAVSO) is not accesible in our library (hope someone in the AAVSO may help clarifying the identity). But at the time of observation (before Downes and Shara -- I wonder how I could get a chart), I was farily confident of the identity of V3941 Sgr with a red star, though I should check again the CCD frames. Another star V3914 Sgr (UG:) also coincides with a red star.

(vsnet-chat 147)

Thanks for enlightening on na-na-shi Sgr! As to the identity of V3941 Sgr, there are existing charts from the VSS of RASNZ. I am sure they are only too pleased to send you copies plus some additional info. AC Sco also a non-cv? It's a close neighbour to AF Sco. Is it not strange that often similar peculiar stars or stars with similar records are close neighbours (in the sky), and that novae seem to occur in certain regions during brief periods and occur in other regions during later periods. I don't have examples of it here, but I remember this impression re-occuring several times. In how far is this coincidence? Or is this a matter of mistaken impressions?


Berto Monard

CCD images

I-band images taken at Ouda Station

Note the object at the center of May 18 image has apparently faded in three months.

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