The 1999 superoutburst of V2051 Oph

Eclipse and superhump light curves

(Light curve by Garradd)

(Light curve by Garradd)

(Light curve by Ouda team)

(Combined light curve, S. Walker, G. Garradd and Ouda team)

(Light curve by S. Walker)

(Light curve by S. Walker)

(Light curve by Ouda team on Aug. 8)

(Light curve by G. Garradd on Aug. 2; clear superhumps!)

(Light curve by G. Garradd on Aug. 3)

(Light curve by G. Garradd on Aug. 4; clear superhumps!)

(Light curve by G. Garradd on Aug. 5; clear superhumps!)

(Light curve by G. Garradd on Aug. 15; post-rebrightening)

(Light curve by G. Garradd on Aug. 16; post-rebrightening)

(vsnet-alert 3284)

V2051 Oph outburst

Rod Stubbings reports that the eclipsing SU UMa-type dwarf nova V2051 Oph is undergoing a bright outburst! Time-resolved CCD photometry is very strongly encouraged!!

 Star               Date      UT      Mag.
V2051 OPH          990718    10:28    15.0
                   990726    10:15    12.9
                   990726    10:35   <13.8 eclipse
                   990726    10:42    13.5
                   990726    10:48    12.9
                   990726    11:12    12.9

Eclipse observation by Pearce

(vsnet-obs 21987)

I was able to observe an eclipse of V2051 Oph in it's current outburst. The observations were difficult as the star was located quite close to the Moon. Normally I would be able to see below 15th mag with my 16" reflector (x380), however the limiting mag was reduced to about 14.0 due to the bright sky. The time for the eclipse coincided quite closely with your prediction. The accuracy

of my time measurement was probably only good to the nearest minute.

V2051 Oph -    1999 July 26th

Time (UT)      Mag

14:06               13.2
14:11               13.1
14:15               13.1
14:20               13.1
14:28               13.1
14:44               13.2
14:50               13.1
14:55               13.0
15:00               13.2
15:02               13.2
15:05               13.7
15:08               14.0
15:10               13.8
15:12               13.5
15:14               13.4
15:16               13.3
15:19               13.3
15:22               13.2
15:25               13.2
Andrew Pearce

Walker's observation

(vsnet-alert 3302)

Now this one is useful. Many thanks, Taichi. The camera is chugging away at the moment and I see that my first eclipse is in 13 minutes. Must go and watch!


And a nice eclipse it was.



(vsnet-alert 3308)

The data kindly provided by Gordon Garradd (cf. vsnet-obs 22039) indicates the current outburst of V2051 Oph is indeed a superoutburst. The superhump structures up to amplitude 0.4 mag are visibile around eclipse phases 0.5-0.6 in July 29 (so please continues observations outside eclipses!). The single eclipse caught on July 28 is highly asymmetric, indicating the superhump light source was just asymmetrically eclipsed. The present observation thus confirms the SU UMa-type signature of this system, independently discovered by S. Kiyota and L. T. Jensen on the 1998 May outburst occasion.


Taichi Kato

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