Outburst of V1454 Cyg

(CVC 111, also vsnet-obs 4030)

According to CVC 111, the obscure dwarf nova V1454 Cyg is undergoing an outburst. From CVC 111:

V1454 Cyg [UGSS, 13.9p - <17.0p]

Eric Broens, Mol, Belgium reports his visual detection of an outburst of this very interesting cataclysmic variable, which is part of the TA/BAAVSS Recurrent Objects Programme. Tonny Vanmunster, CBA Observa- tory, Belgium has confirmed the outburst by CCD.

1996 Oct 03.867 UT, [13.9  (G. Poyner, 0.40-m refl., seq: TA);
     Oct 07.806 UT,  13.6  (E. Broens, 0.35-m refl., seq: VVS/GSC);
     Oct 07.867 UT,  13.6  (E. Broens);
     Oct 07.886 UT,  14.0  (T. Vanmunster, 0.25-m SCT+ST-7, unfilt.CCD);

Only two outburst observations of V1454 Cyg are listed in the Outburst Acitivity Database on Selected Cataclysmic Variables, both in the sixties. The last reported outburst was seen on September 16, 1968 at mag. 14.8. Eric Broens' observation thus very likely constitutes the first ever visual observation of this dwarf nova.

Follow-up observations of the present outburst are highly encouraged.

Tonny Vanmunster

According to Ric. Astr., two outbursts were observed by the discoverer of this object (=GR 221). The published light curves showed outbursts lasted rather long. (comment by T.Kato)

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