Supercycle of V1113 Cyg

(vsnet-chat log)

Thanks to intensive monitoring by visual observers, the cycle lengths of V1113 Cyg seem to have become pretty well established.

Recent outbursts:

 JD (+2400000)   mag  type     observers
49597-612       13.3  super    SNO,POY
49826-830       13.7  super    POY,VAN,Wor,BRO
49893-895       13.9  normal   VAN,BRO,PIE,POY
49956-959       13.8  normal   JEN,VAN,BRO,POY,PIE
50025-036       13.5  super    PIE,VAN,BRO,POY
50203-211       13.6  super    POY,JEN,VAN
50280-282       13.8  normal   PIE,BRO,POY,Kat
50308           14.0  normal?  POY (single obs.)
50333-334       13.9  normal   POY,BRO
50372-378       13.7  super    POY,PIE,VAN,JEN
50420           13.9  normal?  POY (single obs.)
50546           14.0  super    POY,SNO,JEN
Intervals between adjacent superoutbursts are 229, 199, 178, 169, 174 d (shortening of supercycle?), average of recent three ones being 170 d.

This system seems to be rather peculiar in that normal outbursts are rather infrequent compared to numerous superoutbursts. Systems with only two (or three) normal outbursts in one supercycle is rarely met in such short supercycle (170 d) SU UMa-type dwarf novae (cf. Warner B. 1995, ApSS, 226, 187). From the viewpoint of the outburst pattern, there may be some resemblance to the recently discovered peculiar SU UMa-type dwarf nova V503 Cyg. Close monitoring to confirm the cycle length of normal outbursts is desirable than ever.

Taichi Kato

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