Outburst of V1060 Cyg

(vsnet-alert 810)

The dwarf nova V1060 Cyg is undergoing an outburst as indicated by the following observations.

   1997 Mar. 20.194 UT   <15.6  G. Poyner
             27.160       13.7  G. Poyner
             29.146       14.4  G. Poyner
Previous outbursts of this star occurred in 1995 Aug. (mv=14.9), 1995 Oct. (mv=12.8, long outburst), 1996 Aug. (mv=13.1, long outburst), 1996 Nov. (mv=13.5, short outburst). Although the outburst pattern rather resembles that of an SU UMa-type dwarf nova, CCD observations by H. Baba (private communication) in 1996 Aug. seem to preclude this possibility.

Taichi Kato

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