Superoutburst of V1028 Cyg

(vsnet-alert 498)

V1028 Cyg (SU UMa-type dwarf nova) is reported to be undergoing a rare outburst as indicated by the following observations extracted from vsnet-obs reports.

1996 Aug. 5.051   <15.6  M. Biesmans
          5.984   <15.1  M. Biesmans
          7.048   <15.6  M. Biesmans
          7.899    13.6  M. Biesmans
          7.90     14.0  J. Pietz

The last reported outburst of V1028 Cyg occurred on 1995 July 28 (cf. vsnet-alert #166, 168). The discovery of superhumps during that outburst led to the present classification of this dwarf nova. Below is an extract from vsnet-alert #175, whose stress on the importance of detailed observations also applies to the present outburst.

> From the current (1995 July - Aug.) observations, we may now adopt 0.0626
> day as a superhump period of V1028 Cyg.  This short superhump period can
> be comparable to those of T Leo, VY Aqr and AQ Eri, all of which show
> relatively infrequent (super)outburst activity.  The low outburst frequency
> of V1028 Cyg seems to consistent with what is expected from the observed
> superhump period. Both T Leo and VY Aqr are known to show "double maxima",
> so close monitoring of V1028 Cyg even after the end of present superoutburst
> is recommended.
> The origin of discordant period observed at the earliest stage of outburst
> (i.e. longer period superhumps) is not still understood.
Taichi Kato

Rapid fade

(vsnet-alert 501)

Dear Colleagues,

We, Ouda team, have observed V1028 Cyg between August 8.50 and 8.63. Time resolved observation shows that this object undergoes a fading with the rate about 0.58 mag/day. The mean magnitude of this object is V~13.95 (comp 14.06, seq: VSNET cht). No evidence of some variation was obtained.

This result seems to strengthen the suspection that this outburst must be a normal one, not a superoutburst.

Continuous observation of this interesting dwarf nova is encourged.

Best Regards,
Hajime Baba and Daisaku Nogami

Brightened again!

(vsnet-alert 504)

Dear colleagues,

We, Ouda Team, confirmed the re-brightening of V1028 Cyg reported by Marc Biesmans (vsnet-obs 3385) as follows.

19960811.9951  Cyg V1028   13.5    135-137 (Marc)

CYGV1028 960812.523  13.61 Oud

Is this outburst a superoutburst triggered by the recent normal one? Close monitoring is highly encouraged!

Best regards,
Daisaku Nogami

Aug. 10 image (left), Aug. 12 image (right)

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