Outburst of U Gem

According to T. Nishimura's observation (vsnet-obs 2266), U Gem is undergoing an outburst. His observation:

GEMU           960303.579    97  Nmt.VSOLJ  outburst


ALEXIS observation of U Gem (received Mar. 12)

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Previous articles concerning U Gem (1995 Apr. outburst)

(vsnet-alert 95, W. G. Dillon)

Object      YYMMDD(UT)        mag.        member

GEMU        950402.1806       11.2        DIL.AAVSO

Observer's Code: DIL = W. G. Dillon, Missouri City, Texas, USA
      telescope: 28 cm SCT



AAVSO observations

(vsnet-alert 96, J. A. Mattei)

U Gem is in outburst as indicated by the following observations received at AAVSO:

GEMU   950401.0417 UT    13.9  R. Steward
       950401.0701       14.1  P.Dombrowski 
       950401.146        14.0  R. Zissell       
       950401.1875       13.5  T. Hunter  
       950401.1979       13.5  D. York 
       950401.23        <13.8  W. Albrecht 
       950401.24         13.8  D. York
       950401.347        13.6  W. Albrecht
       950402.0229       12.5  P. Dombrowski
       950402.0347       12.8  G. Dyck 
       950402.084        12.2  R. Zissell 
       950402.1806       11.2  W. Dillon
       950402.2118       11.1  T. Burrows
       950402.2535       11.0  R. Royer

All observations were made using AAVSO charts for U Gem.

It has been 221 days since the last outburst of U Gem. Observations from the AAVSO International Database show that this is the longest outburst interval, with no seasonal observing gaps, since 1943.

Janet A. Mattei
AAVSO, Director

Ephemeris of eclipses

(vsnet-alert 97, D. Nogami)

Dear colleagues,

As you know, the information that Outburst of U Gem was finally caused was distributed via vsnet-alert. Moreover, it has already been announced by T. Kato via vsnet-alert that eclipses of U Gem are expected to reach primary minima at:

Min = 2437638.82627 + 0.1769061898*E (HJD)
            (+/-  8)      (+/-  30)
(J. Smak 1993, Acta Astronomica, 43, 121)

This formula tells a primary minimum occurs at 2449809.264503 in HJD (E = 68796). The observation of eclipses in this outburst is highly encouraged. We (Ouda Team) tried to observe eclipses of U Gem at Ouda Station tonight, but the weather did not permit. Are there any sites where the high-speed photometry can be made?

Best regards,
Daisaku Nogami

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