Outburst of TU Men, fading of S Aps

(from vsnet-alert 317, Berto Monard)

Tu Men a UG type variable was seen in outburst last night as per observations with an apogee 40x120:

0445-76 TU Men

        UT         Mag
Jan 28.785    12.3
Jan 28.878    12.2
Jan 28.999    12.2 

S Aps a RCB type variable looks like fading as per

1459-71 S Aps

     UT    Magn
95 Dec 27.95  10.8
96 Jan 28.96  12.3

Due to clouds and rain no observations were possible on the above stars during the preceeding week!

Best regards,
Berto Monard

TU Men is the only known SU UMa-type dwarf nova above the period gap, having an orbital period is 0.1176 day (Stolz and Schoembs 1984 Astron. Astrophs. 132, 187). More recent investigation was done by R. Mennickent (1995 Astron. Astrophys. 294, 126).

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