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does any-one have some data (type, records, magnitude range...) on the variable TU CRT (Cratoris presumably)? Does it exist at all? Not according to the SIMBAD database.

Best regards,
Berto Monard

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To Berto Monard and others interested in TU CRT,

Yes, TU Crt certainly does seem to exist. The folowing details are given in the Name List of Variable Stars (additions etc. to the GCVS):

RA  11 01 09      Dec. -21 21.6   Magnitude: 12.1 - 17.5 B   Type: UGSU

Reference: Semkov et al.   IBVS No. 39176, 1993

It will probably be worth while giving more attention to this star.

Jan Hers, Sedgefield, South Africa.

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Regarding Monard's question and Hers' reply, I have searched for the references of TU Crt.

TU Crt was originally discovered by an object (J05.23) showing CV-sepctrum (Maza et al. 1992, PASP 104, 1060). Wenzel (1993, IBVS 3829) inspected the Sonneberg plate collection and revealed one distinct outburst. Hazen (1993, IBVS 3888) further detected a number of outbursts from the Harvard College Observatory's collection.

   List of Hazen's outbursts:

   JD      mB
 2418748  12.1
   20547  12.4
   21348  13.4
   23503  12.5
   25418  13.0
   26147  12.4  super?
   26531  12.5
   27162  13.7
   27890  12.5
   28304  12.3  super?
   29017  12.8
   30159-163  12.2  likely super
   31655  12.1
   32287  12.2
   44748  12.5
   46195  13.2
   47327  13.2

V-band CCD charts are available from the VSNET ftp/WWW, placed in the chart section (linked from the entry page of this WWW).

Taichi Kato

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G'day Berto (and other readers),

On 1996-12-06 lagmonar@csir.co.za said to all...
   >does any-one have some data (type, records, magnitude range...)
   >on the variable TU CRT (Cratoris presumably)?
   >Does it exist at all? Not according to the SIMBAD database.

TU Crt is plotted on VSS RASNZ Charts 1130 & 1131 (Series 24) issued in 1995. Data quoted from the charts & VSS circulars:

position :  11h03m36s  -21d37'45"  (2000)
type     :  UGSU
range    :  12.1 - 17.5B

It used to be called "JO.05.23 Crateris"; suggesting it's another of Albert Jones' discoveries.

BTW thanks for confirming that SIMBAD isn't completely up-to-date!


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