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(vsnet-alert 439, Steve B. Howell)

Dear friends of TOADs ,

As of 1 July 1996, I will be a faculty member at the University of Wyoming. That institution has a 2.3-m IR/optical telescope and a 24" CCD equiped telescope. I would like to ask for your further help in forming an international TOAD observational group. TOADs are Tremendous Outburst Amplitude Dwarf novae, that is cataclysmic variables which are generally very faint, but during outburst can get as bright as 10th magnitude visually. The CV homepage has further details.

The idea of this group would be to:

1) collect as much time-series data as possible during the TOAD outbursts (using PMT's or CCDs)
Note: this is a project for TOAD outburst time-series data sets. That is, spending many hours of a given night, collecting frame after frame of data on one star. Due to the possible large volume of data, I can only accept reduced data either as absolute or differential photometric measures with their associated JD timings.

2) provide coordinate observations with satellite observations for myself and others which are scheduled during TOAD outbursts.

3) use the data to better understand the astrophysics of TOAD outbursts and accretion properties.
Recent examples of such work can be found in the June 1996 Issue of Astronomical Journal (AL Com), and in the MAy 10th Astrophysical Journal Letters ( TOADs and Soft X-ray Transients).

Using many datasets of time-series photometry, from many longitudes, will allow for uninterupted coverage of outbursts, and will greatly aid in the understanding of these interesting systems. A list of TOADs and candidates is available from the CV homepage.

Note this announcement DOES NOT include normal dwarf novae which so many of you are already working on as well as a number of professional astronomers. The purpose of this message is to collect information from potential observers as to their telescope, instrumentation available, observing time available, and their willingness to observe TOADS during outburst and share their data with this group.

I will collate the information, develop a Web site for information, will post the information, will develop email alert messages specifically for TOAD outbursts. Many of the outburst alerts come from you already. In addition, I would be happy to include all relavent persons on published scientific papers resulting from any outburst datasets and/or simultaneous satellite observations.

This is a large scale effort and will require a number of months to setup properly. So please send replies to (before 1 July) and (after 1 July). I will acknowledge your email within a few weeks to a month, after I have collected and established a TOAD email list.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.
Steve Howell

NEW address (Effective 1 July 1996):

Dr. Steve B. Howell
Deptartment of Physics and Astronomy
University of Wyoming
P. O. Box 3905, University Station
Laramie, WY, 82071  USA

Phone: (307) 766-6150
Fax:   (307) 766-2652

International TOAD Watch Home Page

(vsnet-alert 533)

This is to announce the grand opening of the TOAD homepage for the INTERNATIONAL TOAD WATCH (ITW) !! the address is:

There are still a fewpages under construction, but overall is it ready for use.

Please not that besides the ITW information the pages contain a section in which we will post other CV multi-wavelength campaigns from anyone. There is an example listing there and it is hoped that many world-wide observers will take advantage of this service and also provide simultaneous observations so we all can develop a better understanding of CVs.

Have a look and please send comments, realted information, etc. to the email address given.

Cheers !!
Dr. Steve B. Howell

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