Outburst of SX LMi

Tonny Vanmunster reports another outburst of SX LMi in CVC 97. Details:

SX LMi [UGSU, 13 - 17.4V]

Tonny Vanmunster, Landen, Belgium reports his visual detection of an outburst of SX LMi, a UGSU-type dwarf nova, which is part of the CVAP. The outburst has been secured on CCD image.

1996 Jun 03.938 UT,  13.2  (T. Vanmunster, 0.35-m refl., seq: GSC);

Given the observed brightness, chances are high this is a super- outburst of SX LMi.

The object is located at : R.A. = 10h54m30.49s, Decl. = +30d06'09.3" (J2000.0). A finder chart and sequence are available on the Cataclysmic Variables Home Page.

SX LMi was for the first time identified as an SU UMa type dwarf nova by the Ouda Team at Kyoto University, Japan, in December 1994. Their observations revealed superhumps with an amplitude of approx. 0.3 mag. Preliminary reductions gave as a best estimate for the superhump period a value of 100 min.

According to data listed in the Outburst Activity Database on Selected Cataclysmic Variables, SX LMi was last reported in outburst on March 18, 1996, by Lasse Jensen, Denmark, when it reached mag. 13.5 [CVC 87].

Tonny Vanmunster

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