Outburst of SX LMi = CBS 31

SX LMi = CBS 31 is undergoing an outburst as reported by L. T. Jensen (vsnet-obs 2414).

SX LMI     960318.853 13.5, OUTBURST

SX LMi was originally discovered as a blue object during the course of Case Blue Star survey. The object has been long been thought to be a unique nova-like object, whose orbital period lies below the period gap. In 1994 Dec., the object was caught in outburst by RoboScope (Indiana University), during which clear superhumps were discovered by the Ouda team.

The 1994 Dec. superoutburst

The overall light curve (Ouda Station)


Detailed info. from vsnet-alert messages

The 1996 June outburst

The 1997 April outburst

VSNET chart


Preprint (Nogami et al.)

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