S10932 Com: Call for spectroscopy

(vsnet-alert 430, 1996 June 6)

Last night (96-Jun-05/06) I could measure S10932 Com between 19th and 20th magnitude for 2.5 hours. A reliable brightness estimation is almost impossible since the star reaches the telescope limit.

Since S10932 Com continues to be in low state it would be extremely important to get a spectrum of this star. Here, at Sonneberg Observatory, we are not able to receive a spectrum with our own instruments.

Spectroscopic observations of S 10932 in its normal state by Greiner (see Richter et al., Astron. Astrophys., in prep.) show strong emission lines of H_\alpha, H_\beta, H_\gamma, H_\delta and HeI 5876 with distinct double peaks indicating the existence of an accretion disk.

It would be very helpful if somebody could perform spectroscopic observations of this star (NOW!). Photographic observations by Richter (s. above) indicate that low state phases may last days or weeks. The current state might be over tomorrow!

Who can help? Who knows somebody else who can help?

Thanks in advance and best regards,
Peter Kroll

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Current low state

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