S10932 in low state

(vsnet-alert 428, 1996 June 5, Peter Kroll)

S10932 Com in low state

In watching for a new outburst of S 10932 Com I checked this star last night (96-Jun-04/05) and found it 1.5 mag fainter than its normal state for about 3 hours. The star appears to undergo one of its (rare ?) low states (G.A. Richter et al., Astron. Astrophys., in prep.).

Due to disturbing moon light I was'nt able to detect any eclipsing minimum. It is, however, extremely important to monitor this event in order to see whether the accretion disk is present or not. This should be checked by the shape of the eclipsing light curve. Examining some 30 minima of S 10932 recorded during January, February and March this year I sometimes found the typical shape of CV-eclipses exhibiting the different contacts (accretion disks, WD, bright spot). However, this could'nt be observed at every minimum. I must add that, due to its faint light, S 10932 is difficult to observe in high time resolution. The duration of the minimum takes about 10 minutes.

I would like to those urge colleagues, who have sufficient telescope power, to look at this star in the following nights. It is currently around 19th mag and the minimum can reach 20. A finding chart can be found at

	ftp://ftp.kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp/pub/vsnet/DNe/S10932 .  

The latest elements of the eclipses are
	Min = HJD 24 49 486.48166 + 0.0870386727d * E .

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