Possible outburst of RY Ser

Dear Colleagues,

While examining CCD images taken at Ouda Station on August 2, I noticed the obscure dwarf nova RY Ser seems to be in outburst. The star was possibly misidentified in Downes et al. (1997, PASP 109, 734). The star south to the marked on Downes's atlas is substantially brighter than their image. The suspected object is located at

    17h 23m 07s.17   (J2000.0)
    -12o 48' 09".1

and was estimated as V=14.5. This identification seems to be supported using a chart by A. M. Chernenko (Perem. Zvezdy Suppl. 20, 265, 1982), though its hand-written feature has made the comparison rather difficult.

Could someone please check this field to see which star is actually RY Ser? Downes's object was also observed at V=15.5. A more detailed information with a VSNET chart will follow later in vsnet-obs.

Taichi Kato

CCD image

V-band chart by Henden

(data kindly provided from Arne Henden)

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