new ROSAT CV: RX J2353.0-3852

(vsnet 987)

According to the recent issue of Astron. Astrophys. (Vol. 318, p. 134), T. M. C. Abbott et al. reports on the new ROSAT CV RX J2353.0-3852. The optical spectrum of this star shows very strong, double-peaked emission lines like WZ Sge. Their photometric observations also revealed the periodicity of 5246 s and 2282 s. The object is located at:

   23h 53m 00.6s  (J2000.0)
   -38o 51' 45"

V=16.5 at quiescence

It seems very likely this star will show outbursts. Taking an outburst amplitude of 6 mag (large amplitude SU UMa's) or 8 mag (WZ Sge), the maximum may reach V=10.5 (at least) or even 8.5 (!). Observations to look for outbursts are highly encouraged.

Taichi Kato

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