RX And: escaping from the low state?

(vsnet-alert 660)

The Z Cam-type dwarf nova RX And, which has experienced an unprecedented faint (V ~15.2) state since September 1996, is recently showing a steady rise in brightness as indicated by the following V-band CCD observations at Ouda Station, Kyoto University.

  ANDRX 961231.364 14.97V Oud
  ANDRX 970101.366 14.80V Oud
  ANDRX 970102.413 14.67V Oud
  ANDRX 970103.368 14.48V Oud

Observers should closely monitor this star to see what follows.

Taichi Kato

CCD image

Further rise

(vsnet-alert 669)

Be advised that the dwarf nova RX And, which has been dormant for some months, has finally entered an outbust state. The following observations by the undersigned are reported.

1997 January 07.0139UT          14.8
        January 08.9896              12.7
        January 09.0243              12.7

Regards - John E. Bortle (AAVSO)

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