Superoutburst of PV Per

(from CVC 108, vsnet-obs 3808)

PV Per [UG, 14.9p - 20:p]

Eric Broens, Mol, Belgium reports his visual detection of an outburst of the CVAP object PV Per. Confirmation by CCD has been obtained from Tonny Vanmunster, CBA-Belgium Observatory, Belgium.

1996 Sep 14.026 UT, [14.9  (G. Poyner, 0.40-m refl.);
     Sep 15.924 UT,  14.8  (E. Broens, 0.35-m refl., seq: GSC);
     Sep 15.933 UT,  15.6  (T. Vanmunster, 0.25-m SCT+ST-7, unfilt.);

PV Per is a little studied cataclysmic variable, which was last seen in outburst by M. Iida (Japan) on March 10, 1996 [Outburst Activity Database of Selected Cataclysmic Variables]. This was a faint outburst, observed by CCD only.

CCD image at Ouda Station

Detection of superhumps

(from CVC 109, vsnet-obs 3811)

PV Per [UGSU, 14.9p - 20:p]

Photometry of PV Per on 1996, September 15/16 at the Center for Backyard Astrophysics Belgium (using a 25-cm SCT with unfiltered ST-7 CCD) clearly reveals the existence of superhumps with a semi-amplitude of 0.18 mag. Determination of the superhump period is rather difficult due to the short observing window and the presence of low clouds. The most probable period is 112 min (PDM), a value that will need further refinement. Follow-up observations at different longitudes are highly encouraged. We plan another photometry session on PV Per tonight.

Our set of observations finally revealed the SU UMa type nature of this dwarf nova !

The present outburst of PV Per (a CVAP object) was detected by Eric Broens, Mol, Belgium [CVC 108]. Thanks Eric, for the early notification !

Tonny Vanmunster
CBA-Belgium Observatory

Light curve from VSNET reports

Light curve

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