LL Lyr in outburst

A dwarf nova, LL Lyr, is reported to be undergoing an outburst by E. Broens on Jan. 31.216 UT at a magnitude of mv=13.2 (vsnet-obs 2015). T. Vanmunster reports the object was fainter than 13.8 on Jan. 31.208 (vsnet-obs 2017).

VSNET chart

On comparison stars of LL Lyr

(vsnet-obs 2016, E. Broens )

I noticed that the comparison star near LL Lyr, labeled 136 on the AAVSO chart (=GSC 3105 1376) was clearly fainter than normal.

I estimated the star at magnitude 14.1 on Jan. 31.217 (comp stars 13.8-14.3).

Did someone noticed this too?

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