ISV 0115+63 -- Iida's suspected variable

(vsnet-obs 4213)

Upon request from Tonny Vanmunster regarding vsnet-obs 4187, I would like to comment on ISV0115+63 (Iida's suspected variable).

The object was reported in VSOLJ Var. Star Bull. No. 11, 42 (1990).


                                              M. Iida (Nagano)

    The writer found a 10 mag. star in Atlas Stellarum (chart number 23 Cas).
The star is not found in another chart of Atlas Stellarum, Lick Observatory
Sky Atlas, Falkau Atlas and True Visual Magnitude Photographic Star Atlas.

    Inspecting Palomar Chart, it is possible that the following 18 mag. blue
star outbursts.

    R.A.   01h 15m 57s
    DEC    +63o 25' 57"  (1950)

    Judging from the colour at minimum and the amplitude of magnitude, the
star may be nova or cataclysmic type.

Dr. Richter at Sonneberg has kindly checked the object on patrol plates close to the exposure date of Atlas Stellarum and yielded negative results. The possibility of a nova seems to be thus excluded. However, it still might be a large-amplitude dwarf nova with short outburst duration. Interested readers should check the corresponding sheet of Atlas Stellarum to search for its reality. The position is close to the Be/X-ray binary V635 Cas. Regular visual checks of the field would be also welcomed.

Taichi Kato

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