Rare outburst of HT Cas

(vsnet-alert 759)

Reports from G. Poyner, P. Schmeer and AAVSO News Flash No. 119 indicate the eclipsing SU UMa-type dwarf nova HT Cas is undergoing a rare outburst.

  1997 Feb. 27.99    <13.4    P. Schmeer
            28.0194  <15.0    J. Bortle (AAVSO News flash)
            28.865    13.4    G. Poyner
            28.94     13.0:   P. Schmeer
       Mar. 01.0174   13.1    J. Bortle (AAVSO News flash)
            01.054    13.14V  R. Zissell (AAVSO News flash)
            01.0611   13.4    J. Bortle

The latest outburst (normal outburst) of HT Cas occurred on 1995 Nov. 17. See http://www.kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp/vsnet/DNe/htcas.html for the detail of the 1995 Nov. outburst.

Observations of the outburst and eclipses are strongly recommended. According to H. Baba (private communication), eclipses are expected to occur at:

Min.HJD = 2443727.93721 + 0.073647210338 E

Taichi Kato

(from vsnet-alert 758, P. Schmeer)

Visual magnitude estimates by P. Schmeer, Bischmisheim, Germany:

Feb. 27.99  UT, (13.4 ; 28.94 ,  13.0: (uncertain)   
Sequence:   AAVSO
Instrument: 203-mm SCT 

HT Cas appears to have been at (or near) maximum already 2 hours before John Bortle's observation. The brightness of mag 13 and the fact that is does not seem to rise further indicate a normal outburst (which may of course trigger a superoutburst - or should it be already a faint super- maximum?).

[Very unfortunately my NE limiting magnitude was only mag 4 (and worse) until at least Feb. 28.85 UT (due to thin clouds). Thereafter I missed the first clear spell because I was too tired. During the second one HT Cas was already very low for me (and sky transparency was not as good as the night before).]

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