Rare outburst of EY Cyg

(vsnet-obs 4802)

EY Cyg   1997-01-11.71   12.8:  needs confirmation

Jochen Pietz


(from CVC 125, vsnet-alert 677)

EY Cyg [UGSS, 11.4v - 15.5v]

We have been informed by Jochen Pietz, Germany about an outburst of EY Cyg. Subsequent confirmation has been received from Gene Hanson, Az, USA. Here are the visual outburst observations of this important object :

1997 Jan 11.71  UT,  12.8:  (J. Pietz, Germany);
     Jan 12.097 UT,  12.7   (G. Hanson, seq: AAVSO);
     Jan 12.104 UT,  12.7   (G. Hanson);
     Jan 12.118 UT,  12.7   (G. Hanson);

According to the Outburst Activity Database on Selected Cataclys- mic Variables, EY Cyg was last seen in outburst on March 27, 1992 (Schmeer, Griese, Scovil), when it reached mag. 11.0.

Despite the unfavourable location in evening twilight, we urge observers to monitor this outburst particularly closely. Congratulations to Jochen and Gene for their important contri- butions !

Tonny Vanmunster

Light curves of previous outbursts

(drawn from AFOEV and VSOLJ observations, coutesy by AFOEV and VSOLJ)

The 1986 outburst

The 1992 outburst

VSNET chart, calibrated V-mag

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