Rebrightening of EG Cnc

(vsnet-alert 643, 1996 Dec. 20)

As expected by many observers, EG Cnc has risen up again! CCD images at Ouda Station show the object at V~15.5 on Dec. 20.67 UT.

Taichi Kato

Rebrightening of EG Cnc: double superoutburst again?

(vsnet-alert 644, 1996 Dec. 20)

Preliminary analysis of a 4-hour run of EG Cnc tonight has revealed the existence of prominent superhumps with an amplitude of ~0.12 mag. The observation seems to suggest that the present rebrightening is again a superoutburst following a "dip" or a temporary fading after the main superoutburst, apparently tracing the course of the specutacular 1995 outburst complex of AL Com still fresh in our memory.

Taichi Kato

Howell's comment

(vsnet-alert 645, 1996 Dec. 21)

This is exciting news. It appears that this star is behaving as AL Com and UZ Boo and others as outlined in the May10 1996 ApJ letters article by Kuulkers et al. continued observations are indeed very useful.

Steve Howell

EG Cnc jumped up further!

(vsnet-alert 646, 1996 Dec. 21)

CCD images taken at Ouda Station tonight (around Dec. 21.55 UT) show EG Cnc much brighter! The object looks V ~13 on the TV monitor.

Taichi Kato

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