Activity of DO Dra = YY Dra

J. Pietz reports in vsnet-obs 2248 a possible minor brightening of DO Dra, a dwarf nova with very rare outbursts. DO Dra is also known as an intermediate polar.

DO Dra   1996-03-01.920   15.0 :

Jochen Pietz

Observations of Broens and Vanmunster

(vsnet-obs 2346)

Dear Colleagues,

Eric Broens, Mol, Belgium reports a brightening of DO Dra, which I have just been able to confirm. Our observations are as follows :

1996 Mar 11.885 UT, 14.6 (E. Broens, 0.35-m refl., seq: AAVSO);
     Mar 11.897 UT, 14.6 (T. Vanmunster, 0.35-m refl., seq: AAVSO);
Both observations were made under clear but extremely cold skies.

Please monitor this object closely as to see how it further develops.

Best regards,
Tonny Vanmunster

Such activity was also observed in 1995 June-July. Observers are urged to monitor to see whether this phenomenon may lead to an outburst.

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