On CI Aql

(vsnet 644)

In IBVS No. 4338 (1996 May 7), J. Greiner et al. reported on spectroscopic observation of the proposed quiescent candidate of the suspected nova CI Aql (=Nova Aql 1917). Their spectra showed high-excitation emission lines of He II 4686 and CIII/NIII, while Balmer lines were abesnt. Strong blue continnum was also absent.

The object has been recently shown to be a short period eclipsing binary with a period of 0.618355 day (Mennickent et al. IBVS 4232).

Does anyone have suggestions about the nature of the object and the observed 'outburst' in 1917? Since CI Aql has been monitored by dwarf nova observers, these observational results and their implications (if any) would be interesting to follow.

Taichi Kato

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