Suspected cataclysmic variable, BE CVn

(vsnet 503, 1996 Jan. 24)

Dear CV fans,

In a preprint just arrived from STScI, R. A. Downes & D. Wallace present new spectroscopy of several suspected variable stars, and Is-type (rapidly, irregularly variable) stars in GCVS. This paper will appear in the Feb. issue of PASP.

Among the observed objects, they describe BE CVn as a possible dwarf nova, which showed weak, broad H-beta absorption and very weak H-alpha absorption on a blue continuum.

BE CVn is included in GCVS 4 with the following information:

12h 15m 30s +40o 49'.7 (1950) type: Is: mag: 16.0-18.1p

Observations (especially CCD) are encouraged.

Taichi Kato

V-band CCD image taken at Ouda Station

Temporary fading (eclipse?) of BE CVn

Makoto Iida caught a temporary fading of BE CVn on 1996 Mar. 26, during the course of his CCD photometry. Images are below (courtesy by Iida): indication of an eclipse?

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