Superoutburst of AQ CMi

(vsnet-alert 808)

In [vsnet-obs 5353], Jochen Pietz requests for confirmation of his possible detection of a rare outburst of the SU UMa-type dwarf nova AQ CMi, for the second time since its discovery.

    AQ CMi   1997-03-28.88  14.5

AQ CMi was discovered as a possible dwarf nova by Morgenroth (AN 251, 326, 1934) who recorded the star in outburst on three plates between JD 2427155 and 2427160 (1933 March). Downes and Shara (1993) identifed AQ CMi with a very faint object of 19-20 mag. Recent spectroscopy by Zwitter et al. revealed the CV nature of this counterpart. The first ever outburst since the discovery was independently detected by J. Pietz on 1996 Feb. 10 visually ( vsnet-alert 323) and by R. U. Claudi on 1996 Feb. 9 spectroscopically ( vsnet-alert 324). Subsequent photoelectric photometry by A. Shambrook at CTIO (communicated by J. Patterson, vsnet-obs 2105, vsnet-alert 327) and CCD photometry by D. Nogami (vsnet-alert 328) independently detected superhumps with a period of 95.9 and 95.4 min, respectively. (cf. for more information and calibrated V-band chart).

Immediate confirmation and follow-up observations of of the present possible outburst are urgently requested.

Taichi Kato

Detection of superhumps

(vsnet-alert 815)

V-band photometry at Ouda Station, Kyoto University revealed fully grown superhumps with an amplitude of ~0.22 mag in the present outburst of AQ CMi, confirming the suggestion of the current outburst being a superoutburst (vsnet-alert 812). Astrometry using 11 GSC stars (mean residual 0".3) gives the following precise position, confirming the quiescent identification in Downes and Shara (1993).

07h 14m 34s.76 +08o 48' 04".7 (J2000.0)

Taichi Kato and Usui

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