Outburst of AK Cnc (1996 May)

(vsnet-obs 2725, Gary Poyner)

Dear Colleagues,

  AK Cnc   May 05.920 UT      mv=13.3   W. Worraker (Didcot, UK  26cm)

Best regards,

Gary Poyner


(vsnet-alert 405, Nick James)

Dear all,

Following an alert from Bill Worraker that AK Cnc was in outburst I have this evening obtained a V-Band CCD frame using my 0.30m Newtonian and an SX CCD. The outburst is confirmed.

The position for this variable is incorrect in Downes and Shara. I obtain the following J2000 position using 12 GSC stars of mean residual 0".24 in RA and 0".22 in Dec:

08h 55m 21s.20 +11d 18' 14".7 [J2000].

The V magnitude at 1996 May 06.89 was 0.05 fainter than GSC 814.00128. This star is listed as star E, magnitude 13.7 on the TA C chart. The position of the variable is correct on the TA chart.

Regards Nick James.
e-mail: ndj@astro1.demon.co.uk


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