campaign to observe V348 Pup (Baptista)

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Dear CV-observers,

The eclipsing cataclysmic variable V348 Pup (= 1h0709-36) will soon be observed by HST. The main aim of the program is to perform multiwavelength eclipse mapping of its accretion disk. There will be 8 visits with HST/FOS, 4 covering the UV (1100-2500 A) and with 4 covering UV-to-optical with the red prism (1700-8500 A).

Ground-based observations of this target simultaneous/contemporary with the HST visits are important to monitor the optical behavior during the observations (particularly because the HST windows are quite narrow, only 39 minutes centered on the eclipse), to serve as an independent check for possible brigthness level differences between distinct HST visits, and would very welcomed.

Currently, the observations are scheduled for these dates:

Visit 1:     11-SEP-96
Visits 2-8:  Between 14-SEP and 20-SEP

Unfortunately, we cannot be more precise than this now. The final and more detailed schedule of the observations (with the exact UT times for each visit) will be available in a couple of weeks, after the HST flight calendar is finalized.

I would appreciate to have your help in trying to observe this target. The coordinates of V348 Pup are (J2000),

RA: 07 12 32.9   DEC: -36 05 40.4
A good finding chart can be found in the Catalog and Atlas of CVs by Downes and Shara (1993, PASP 105, 127). V348 Pup has magnitude V~15 outside of eclipse but goes down to V~17 at mid-eclipse time.

If you are able or intend to obtain some observations for this campaing and/or would like to have more details, please let me know. Of course, those who obtain useful ground-based data will be included as co-authors in the appropriate papers on the HST observations.

My best regards,
Raymundo Baptista

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