Call for monitoring of SS Cyg

(vsnet 389, A. Hempelmann 1995 Dec. 12)

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to remember that Constanze la Dous and myself are waiting for an anourmalous outburst of SS Cygni to observe this CV with the IUE during rise time. In the last two months I continously received your observations of SS Cyg so that at each time we had a clear picture of the SS Cyg status. Many thanks for you very helpful support of our work!

However, my present feeling is that your special interest in this star has a little bit decreased, because the number of observations of this star I received has been dramatically decreased in the last two weeks. So I would like to ask everybody to focus his or her attention to this star so long as we need your monitoring observations. And this can be a long time... Many thanks for your kind support.

Merry Christmas, and a happy new year,

Alexander Hempelmann

The present light curve

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