International campaign of AM Her, now going on!

international campaign of AM Her (vsnet-alert 313, Boris Gaensicke)

Dear VSNet Observers,

in a few days starts the probably largest observation campagin on the polar AM Herculis since its discovery as an magnetic accretor 20 years ago: ROSAT and IUE will monitor the source regularely, ISO and HST observations are planned for the second half of the year and groundbased optical spectroscopy and photometry will complement the program.

From the two last observations in vsnet-obs it seems that AM Her is slowly delining into a low state. It will be of great help to keep track of the visual magnitude to estimate the needed IUE exposure times. Therefore, I ask you to dedicate some attention to AM Her in the next months.

Thank you very much in advance,

Boris Gaensicke

VSNET charts of AM Her

in PostScript

in VSNET format

Current light curve

Samples of orbitally resolved light curves (Ouda Station)

Light curve (1993 Apr. 3)

Light curve (1993 Mar. 20)

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