Representative OVV-QSOs and BL Lac objects

Among them, 3C 279 is currently showing gamma-ray and optical flares. (CCD image)

  object name         range       type      
OB-081.Cet         14.5-16.6V     BL        
AO 0235+164.Ari    14.5-19.5B     BL        
OF 038.Tau         14.96-17V      BL        
OI 158.Gem         14.5-16.7B     BL        
OI 090.4.Cnc       14.6-16.3B     BL        
OJ 287.Cnc         12.5-15.5B     BL        
ON 325.Com         13.7-15.8B     BL        
W  Com             13.2-17.45B    BL        
AP Lib             14.0-16.4B     BL        
OX-192.Cap         12.5-19P       BL        
BL Lac             12.5-16.6B     BL        
4C29.45.UMa        11.9-18:P      OVV-QSO   
3C279.Vir          11.27-17.47B   OVV-QSO   
AU CVn             14.2-20.0P     OVV-QSO   
PKS1510-089.Lib    11.8-17.8B     OVV-QSO   
3CR345.Her         14.78-17.50B   OVV-QSO   
3C446.Aqr          15.5-18.87B    OVV-QSO   

VRI-sequences for BL Lac objects published

W Com

Markarian 421

Markarian 501

3C 371

Fading of 3C 345

Brightening of NGC 4151 (Seyfert I)

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