Outburst of Markarian 421

(vsnet-alert 582)

Dear VSNET'ers

Recent observations made by BAA VSS observers indicate that Markarian 421 is undergoing an 'outburst'. Checking through the BAAVSS database - which goes back to 1981 for M421 - this is approaching the brightest that Markarian 421 has been recorded. The following observations are available...

Oct 18.069 UT    mv=13.0  G. Poyner    Birmingham UK, 40cm
Nov 08.072          12.6  W. Worraker  Didcot UK,  26cm
    08.127          12.3  Poyner
    08.223          12.6  J. Toone     Cressage, UK  20cm SCT
    10.134          12.3  Poyner
    10.228          12.4  Toone
Gary Poyner
Director, BAAVSS

Photometric sequence by B. Skiff

Latest light curve

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