VRI photometry around 12 BL Lac objects published

(vsnet 636, Brian Skiff)

The latest issue of Astronomy & Astrophysics Supplements (May I 1996 issue, volume 116, no. 3) contains a paper by Fiorucci & Tosti (page 403) titled "VRI photometry of stars in the fields of 12 BL Lacertae objects". Included are sequences around well-known objects such as 3C 66A, OJ 287, and BL Lac itself in addition to objects without comparison sequences. The work was done with a TC211 chip (the ST-4 or "Cookbook" camera chip!) on a 40cm telescope. The description of the observations and reductions suggests the work is reliable at the level indicated. The results include extending the photometry to the R and I bands for comparison stars previously measured in UBV only, as well as newly observed fields and stars.

Chartmakers may want to add this to their collection of sources for comparison stars for active galaxies.

\Brian Skiff (bas@lowell.edu)

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