Request for observations of 3C 371

(extracted from AAVSO NEWS FLASH No. 105)

1807+69 3C 371 (DRACO)

Astronomers at the Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera, Italy, will be observing the Blazar 3C 371 in Draco [RA 18h 07m 18.5s; Dec +69o 48' 58" (2000)] intensively with the Infrared Space Observatory (ISO) satellite over the coming months. They have requested our assistance in providing optical observations before, during, and after the ISO observations.

The approximate schedule of satellite observations is as follows:

   22 Jan                     27 Feb              8 Mar +/-1 day
   29 Jan +/-1 day            28 Feb             13 Mar +/-1 day
    6 Feb +/-1 day             1 Mar             20 Mar +/-1 day
   13 Feb +/-1 day             2 Mar             27 Mar +/-1 day
   20 Feb +/-1 day             3 Mar              3 Apr +/-1 day
   23 Feb +/-1 day             4 Mar             10 Apr +/-1 day

AAVSO preliminary 'b', 'd', and 'e' scale charts have been prepared by C. Scovil from a British Astronomical Association chart by J. Toone, and have been posted on the AAVSO ftp site: (, in /pub/charts/dra/3c_371/

These charts may also be accessed via our web site:

Please monitor this object, photographic range magnitude 13.1 - 15.9, and report your observations to AAVSO Headquarters.

Good observing!
Rebecca Pellock, Technical Assistant
on behalf of
Janet A. Mattei, Director

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