ALEXIS Observations

(vsnet-alert 451, 1996 June 25)

Per earlier e-mails, ALEXIS is looking for help from groundbased observes to try to identify the short duration potential transients that are routinely observed by ALEXIS. Several of you responded that you might be interested in helping after that first mailing. Since that time, we have written up an ALEXIS transient Primer and have increased the capability of our web page to aid collaborators to decide which potential transients have the best potential. For those of you who might be interested in participating in the project, the ALEXIS web page can be found at:

Please register so we can keep track of users (helps with funding justification, as well as let's us known who to contact if something really exciting comes up). Once registered, the Primer can be located below the Daily Data Viewer. Access to the potential transient lists and fits to the data are also availble from this level. Keep in mind that the daily data maps can also be used by those of you who might have observed something interesting and want to see if it was in the ALEXIS FOV.

We are also starting a 10 day Target of Opportunity (TOO) observing opportunity with EUVE. We have an agreement with EUVE that transients with good potential (above 7 significance level and within center +/- 10 degrees of detector and with more than 100 sec of exposure observed) will be rapidly slewed to for up to 4 orbits to see if EUVE can also observe the source and get an improved position. The sources that are good candidates for EUVE TOO observations will be labeled with a bright red TOO in the far right hand column of the contact pages. These sources will be of special interest for the next 2 weeks. In addition to standard patrol images, images taken in H alpha might be more sensitive to flare star outburst.

Surf over and give us a look. If you know of anyone else who might be interested, please pass along this message. Also, if you have any questions/comments, please feel free to contact me.

Thanks in advance.

Diane Roussel-Dupre

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