Possible ALEXIS transient

(vsnet-alert 754)

ALEXIS has detected a potential transient in Telescope 2B (186 Angstroms, 66eV) at:

         RA= (09 12 24)
         DEC=(59 30')
         (Epoch 2000)

         Error circle radius = 0.6 degrees (~90% confidence)

The source turn on appeared to start about 21 UT 25 Feb, peaked at 00 UT 27 Feb and was slowly decaying at last contact with the satellite although it is difficult to tell due to poor data quality. There was weak evidence of the object in the co-aligned telescope 2A (130eV) during the first 2 hours at the beginning of the outburst.

Simbad locates 18 sources in the error box of this high galactic latitude source without a good candidate. Two ROSAT sources from the WGA catalog are included in the error box. Follow up observations are encouraged

                                                Diane Roussel-Dupre

for more information, see the ALEXIS web page


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