ALEXIS transient on 1996 Dec. 1

(vsnet-alert 602)

ALEXIS has detected a potential transient in Telescope 2B (186 Angstroms, 66eV) at:

         RA= (03 26.7)
         DEC=(-14 54.59)
         (Epoch 2000)

         Error circle radius = 0.5 degrees (~90% confidence)

There was no evidence of the object in the co-aligned telescope 2A (93 eV). The source appeared to turn on about 4 UT 1 Dec and was still bright or fading at 14:30 UT 1 Dec when the most recent contact with the satellite was made. The source increased to a maximum intensity between 6 Ut and 10 UT 1 Dec at which time it transisioned to a state half as bright. Tis source is nearly as bright as HZ43 at maximum light. Simbad show less than 20 objects within the error circle.

Follow up observations are strongly encouraged due to the unusually bright outburst

                                                Diane Roussel-Dupre

for more information, see the ALEXIS web page

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Optical field of the event

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