Potential ALEXIS transient on 1996 June 12

(vsnet-alert 441,Diane Roussel-Dupre)

The ALEXIS satellite has observed a potential transient in the 72 ev telescope of telescope pair 3. Coverage at the location of the transient was sparse until 6 UT 12 June, 1996 at which time the source appears to be "on".

The source is located at:

RA  16 05 9.6
DEC +07 39.6

A quick search of Simbad only reveals 9 sources within the 0.5 degree error box, one of which is a variable star H1601+075 (A HEAO x-ray candidate) and is listed as an RS CVn system.

Follow up observations would be greatly appreciated.

Diane Roussel-Dupre

Diane Roussel-Dupre, NIS-2
Los Alamos National Laboratory
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