ALEXIS transient on 1996 Feb. 18

(vsnet-alert 339,Jeff Bloch)

Over the weekend, data downlinked from the ALEXIS satellite indicated a an EUV transient in progress which was detected in two ALEXIS telescopes (3A-172 angstroms, and 3B - 186 angstroms). Due to several software upgrades and some unique features of this source, the ALEXIS team did not become aware of it's significance until Monday. The data indicated that the initial outburst had lasted 48 hours, centered around 20UT on 2/18/96. Subsequent data Sunday night indicated that the source had turned off and so we did not issue an alert at that time.

Data recieved in the last 24 hours indicates that the source *MAY* still be active at a weak level. Follow-up observations may still catch this source.


RA,DEC= 10 29 28  +49 15 38 (J2000) +/- 0.5 degrees. 

Good luck and thanks to anyone who can help.

                                        Jeff Bloch

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