possible ALEXIS transient on Jan. 24

(from vsnet-alert 316, Roussel-Dupre)

ALEXIS has detected a potential transient in Telescope 2A (130 Angstroms, 93eV) at:

RA= (10 58 43.78)

DEC=(+00 40 25.4)

(Current Epoch)

Error circle radius = 0.5 degrees (~90% confidence)

There was no evidence of the object in the co-aligned telescope 2B (66 eV). The source turn on appeared to start about 13 UT 24 Jan.

Simbad only show 14 sources in this direction, l=252, b=+52, which are F, K stars.

Groundbased observations made at this time will aid in the identification of the optical counterpart.

More information will be included in the next message

Diane Roussel-Dupre

for more information, see the ALEXIS web page


Diane Roussel-Dupre, NIS-2

Los Alamos National Laboratory

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