New possible ALEXIS transient on Jan. 18

New possible ALEXIS transient

(vsnet-alert 314, Diane Roussel-Dupre)

ALEXIS has detected a transient in Telescope 3A (170 Angstroms, 72eV) at:

RA= (07 14 16.21)

DEC=(+10 43 56.3)

(Current Epoch)

Error circle radius = 0.5 degrees (~90% confidence)

Another known source in the same detector scan path (G191-b2b) is detected within 16' of its known position. There was no evidence of the object in the co-aligned telescope 3B (66 eV). We are attempting to get EUVE to slew around as I write to look at this as a TOO. The source turn on appeared to start about 12 UT 18 Jan and was still bright at the end of the last data set which we got a few hours ago and looks like it had been bright for >24 hours. A flaring episode occurred about 0UT 19 Jan.

Simbad only show 12 sources in this direction, l=206, b=+10, which are F, K and A stars with a few iras sources thrown in.

Groundbased observations made at this time will aid in the identification of the optical counterpart.

More information will be included in the next message

Diane Roussel-Dupre

for more information, see the ALEXIS web page

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