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Subject: UV Per, GK Per                             No. 9
                                                    April 3, 1996



As indicated by the following observations, UV Per recently returned to 
minimum following its last superoutburst (see News Flash No. 5-7) and has 
now started to brighten once again.  This is an unprecedented behavior for 
UV Per.

    UT             JD        Mag.        Observer

MAR 26.791    2450169.291    12.5        (L. T. Jensen, Denmark)  
MAR 27.028    2450169.528    13.01 CCDV  (R. Zissell, USA)   
MAR 27.028    2450169.528    13.01 CCDV  (Zissell)     
MAR 27.1833   2450169.6833   13.5        (G. Hanson, USA)    
MAR 28.020    2450170.52     13.73 CCDV  (Zissell)     
MAR 29.1597   2450171.6597  <13.6        (T. Burrows, USA)    
MAR 30.033    2450172.533    16.25 CCDV  (Zissell)    
MAR 31.046    2450173.546    16.34 CCDV  (Zissell)     
APR 01.065    2450174.565    16.61 CCDV  (Zissell)     
APR 1.899     2450175.399   <12.8        (G. Poyner, England)    
APR 3.035     2450176.535    13.91 CCDV  (Zissell)     


The minor outburst of this old nova continues as indicated by the following 

    UT             JD        Mag.        Observer

MAR 26.808    2450169.308    10.5        (L. T. Jensen, Denmark)           
MAR 26.82     2450169.32     10.3        (G. Comello, Netherlands)         
MAR 27.0167   2450169.5167   10.3        (J. McKenna, USA)           
MAR 27.1722   2450169.6722   10.6        (G. Hanson, USA)          
MAR 27.833    2450170.333    10.2        (K. Medway, England)      
MAR 29.0333   2450171.5333   10.6        (S. O'Connor, Canada)         
MAR 29.1701   2450171.6701   10.4        (T. Burrows, USA)       
MAR 30.0306   2450172.5306   10.7        (M. A. Komorous, Canada)
MAR 30.1576   2450172.6576   10.4        (Burrows)       
MAR 31.1083   2450173.6083   10.3        (W. Dillon, USA)
MAR 31.1625   2450173.6625   10.6: moon  (Burrows)           
APR 1.897     2450175.397    10.8        (G. Poyner, England)           
APR 3.0507    2450176.5507   10.6        (O'Connor)           

Dr. J. Osborne has been observing GK Per with the XTE satellite since
the start of the outburst.  We have been transmitting your data to him
regularly. He wrote:

   "This sequence of XTE observations will show the X-ray behaviour 
    of a magnetic CV {cataclysmic variable} under conditions of 
    changing mass transfer for the first time in a systematic way. 
    The AAVSO observations play a very significant role in this, 
    and {XTE} observations have been made at magnitudes of 
    approximately 12.2, 11.9, 10.8 and 10.4 so far."

The next and last XTE observation will be scheduled on the decline 
of the outburst.   Your observations are crucial in the scheduling 
of the satellite and correlating the data. 


Please monitor these stars closely and phone-in, fax, or e-mail your 
observations to the AAVSO.  When reporting observations please indicate
the source of the finder chart and the comparison stars used.

Good observing!
Janet A. Mattei


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