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Subject: UV Per                                     No. 3
                                                    March 15, 1996



Dwarf nova-type (SU UMa subclass) cataclysmic variable UV Per is in outburst as indicated by the following visual observations.

    UT             JD        Mag.    Observer

MAR 13.824    2450156.324   <14.1    (E. Broens, Belgium - from CVC 86)          
MAR 14.836    2450157.336    11.9    (Broens)          
MAR 14.882    2450157.382    12.1    (T. Vanmunster, Belgium - from CVC 86)          
MAR 15.1632   2450157.6632   12.3    (T. Burrows, USA)          
MAR 15.2118   2450157.7118   12.3    (Burrows)

The data files in the AAVSO International Database show that the previous outburst of UV Per was a normal one when it reached mean magnitude 12.5 on March 21, 1995 and remained brighter than magnitude 15.3 for two days. The outburst before that was a superoutburst when it reached mean magnitude of 11.9 on May 29, 1994 and remained brighter than magnitude 15.8 for 13 days.

Please monitor UV Per closely and phone-in, fax, or e-mail your observations to the AAVSO.

Good observing!
Janet A. Mattei

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