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Subject: T CrB, V348 Sgr                            No. 14
                                                    April 25, 1996


The brightest recurrent nova, T CrB, has been reported to be showing 
some activity as indicated by the following recent observations:

                                     AAVSO Observer
    UT             JD         Mag.     Initials

APR 10.2035   2450183.7035    9.9        DIL       
APR 16.872    2450190.372     9.9        DPA
APR 16.903    2450190.403    10.4        SPK       
APR 17.960    2450191.46     10.4        SPK       
APR 18.948    2450192.448    10.4        SPK       
APR 19.962    2450193.462    10.2        SPK       
APR 21.024    2450194.524     9.8        DPA       
APR 21.1132   2450194.6132   10.0        SET       
APR 21.2049   2450194.7049   10.1        DLA       
APR 21.885    2450195.385     9.8        DPA     
APR 22.140    2450195.64      9.9        SNE     
APR 22.848    2450196.348    10.0        DPA     
APR 23.4063   2450196.9063   10.0        DLA     
APR 25.053    2450198.553     9.8        DPA     
APR 25.1854   2450198.6854    9.9        DIL        
APR 25.5278   2450199.0278    9.6        RR      

This recurrent nova has an orbital period of 227.59 days (Warner, B.
1995, Cataclysmic Variable Stars, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge)
that can be seen in the light curve as small amplitude periodic modulations.  
The recent activity may be due to this and deserves the attention of 
our observers.

The last major outburst of this recurrent nova was in 1946 when it 
reached magnitude 2.0. 


Astronomers at the University of Colorado and also Louisiana State 
University are scheduled to observe the interesting R CrB star, V348 Sgr 
with the Hubble Space Telescope on April 28th at 22:00 UT.  They hope to 
observe this star at its maximum.  

V348 Sgr faded from maximum between April 15th and April 20th and is now 
slowly recovering, with oscillations, from this short duration fading as 
indicated by the following observations:

                                     AAVSO Observer
    UT             JD        Mag.      Initials

APR 15.4243   2450188.9243   12.0        HAV     
APR 21.01     2450194.51    <13.2        OB  
APR 22.01     2450195.51    <13.2        OB  
APR 23.06     2450196.56     12.4        OB  
APR 23.2175   2450196.7175   12.74 CCDV  LIW     
APR 23.2584   2450196.7584   12.52 CCDV  LIW     
APR 23.3035   2450196.8035   12.4        HAV     
APR 23.4819   2450196.9819   12.4        RR      
APR 25.2220   2450198.7220   12.82 CCDV  LIW
APR 25.2585   2450198.7585   12.88 CCDV  LIW
APR 25.3111   2450198.8111   12.4        HAV        
APR 25.4889   2450198.9889   12.4        RR      

Please keep a close eye on V348 Sgr and keep us informed of its 
behavior.  If it starts to fade again, from now until April 29, 
let us know by phone/e-mail/fax immediately.

An "f" scale AAVSO Preliminary chart for V348 Sgr can be obtained 
from our ftp site:


or through the chart page on our web site:


We thank our contributors listed below for the data they have provided for 
this News Flash:

DIL - W. Dillon, USA              OB  - M. Overbeek, South Africa
DLA - A. Dill, USA                SET - C. Stephan, USA
DPA - A. Diepvens, Belgium        SNE - N. Simmons, USA
GRL - B. Granslo, Norway          SPK - P. Schmeer, Germany
HAV - R. Harvan, USA              RR  - R. Royer, USA
LIW - W. Liller, Chile

Please monitor these and other variable stars closely and phone-in, fax, 
or e-mail your observations to the AAVSO.

Good observing!
Janet A. Mattei


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