UENO, Satoru, M. Sc. (Kyoto Univ.) Solar Physics

My subject is observational studies on the motion and the
magnetic field of solar plasma gas which exists from the
convection zone to the corona. Currently, I perform
development of Magnetograph, which can compute precisely
physical values of the magnetic field of the Sun by measuring
the polarization in sunlight, and development of its software
system, analysis of magnetic data. Moreover, I promote to make
database of active phenomena on the solar surface.
These studies contribute not only to investigation of high-
energy electromagnetic active phenomena which exist all over
the universe, but also to study on the forecast of the
environment of space where human beings will march out
for this new century.

Recent Papers 

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magnetic structures and photospheric horizontal velocity fields,
Advances in Space Research, Volume 26, p. 1793-1796 (2001).

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UeNo, S.; Kitai, R.: 3D Velocity-Field Observation of Solar
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