SUGAI, Hajime, D. Sc. (Univ. Tokyo), Astrophysics

Sugai has researched active galaxies, such as starburst and
interacting/colliding ones, in near-infrared wavelengths.
Spatially-resolved spectroscopic observations have been emphasized in
order to know at which phase, at which part of galaxies, and
through what processes the star formation in interacting/colliding
galaxies is enhanced. For this purpose, he has used mainly Fabry-Perot
at UKIRT and UCLA double-beam camera at Lick 3m.

With his collaborators, he has developed the Kyoto Tridimensional
Spectrograph II. This is an optical multi-mode instrument, which
enables to investigate the physical conditions of ionized gas in
galaxies, as well as its kinematics. All observational modes,
including integral field spectrograph and Fabry-Perot ones, have been
successfully tested at University of Hawaii 88-inch and Subaru telescopes.

Recent Papers 

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