KITAI, Reizaburo, D. Sc. (Kyoto Univ.), Solar Physics

The main topics of research are (1) Observational study of solar surface
velocity field, related to the birth of active regions, energy build-up
of active phenomena and explosive energy release on the solar surface.
(2) Development of advanced observational facilities, such as Solar
Magnetic Activity Reseach Telescope (SMART) and Adaptive Optics
apparatus at the Domeless Solar Telescope.

Recent Papers 

N.Narukage, H.S.Hudson, T.Morimoto, S.Akiyama, R.Kitai, H.Kurokawa, and
 Simultaneous observation of a Moreton Waves on 1997 November 3 in H
 and soft X-rays
 Ap.JL 572(2002), 109

S.Eto, H.Isobe, N.Narukage, A.Asai, T.Morimoto, T.Barbara, S.Yashiro,
T.Wang, R.Kitai, H.Kurokawa, K.Shibata
Relation between a Moreton Wave and an EIT Wave observed on 1997 November 4
PASJ 54(2002),481

S. Ueno, R. Kitai, K. Ichimoto, T. Sakurai, D. Soltau, and P.N. Brandt
Preliminary study of the evolution of solar magnetic structures and
photosperic horizontal velocity fields
Adv. Sp. Res. 26, pp.1793-1796,(2000)

T. Magara and R. Kitai,
Photospheric and chromospheric gas motions around a dark filament
Ap J. 524 (1999), 469

R. Kitai, H. Kurokawa, Y. Funakoshi, K. Ishiura, and T. Shinkawa
An observational search for giants cells in the Sun
Adv. Sp. Res., 24, pp. 237-239,(1999)