KAMAYA, Hideyuki, D. Sci. (Kyoto Univ.), Astrophysics

Major: Interstellar physics is my most major research field, which
includes studies of formation of stars and primeval galaxies. Those
are fundamental in the meaning of understanding the cosmic history
of structure formation. In the recent papers, I have predicted some
molecule line emissions from primeval starforming region are possible
to be detected by the next generation observational facility "ALMA".
I am trying to develop my activity to the interfacial field between
theory and observation.

Recent Papers (2001-2003)

 Inoue and Kamaya (2003) MNRAS 341, L7
 Constraint on intergalactic dust from thermal history of
 intergalactic medium

 Kamaya and Silk (2003) MNRAS 339, 1256
 On the possibility of observing the double emission line feature of
 H2 and HD from primordial molecular cloud cores

 Kamaya and Silk (2002) MNRAS 335, L62
 Observing baryonic dark matter with ALMA

 Tajiri and Kamaya (2002) A&Ap 389, 367
 Dynamical condition of neutral hydrogen envelopes of dwarf galaxies
 and their possible morphological evolution

 Hirashita, Tajiri, and Kamaya (2002) A&Ap 388, 439
 Dust-to-gas ratio and star formation history of blue compact dwarf galaxies